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Frequently Asked Questions


In what frequencies is CFIP series equipment available?

What is an emission designator for SAF radio units?

What IEEE standards do the CFIP products support?

How do you control the capacity licenses in CFIP?

We are installing a link and we are not able to achieve calculated Rx level. Our signal is for 30 dBm lower then expected. What is the procedure to solve this issue?

What kind of connector do 6GHz CFIP radios have for antenna interface?

What should be considered when installing 24GHz radios?

Is it possible to use engineering order wire using your equipment?

Is it possible to use coaxial cable other than RG213 and LMR400 to connect IDU to ODU?

Is Ethernet in the first mile OAM (operations, administration, and maintenance) (802.2ag, 802.3ah) supported throughout SAF products.

What are Cisco router traffic shaper settings for Ethernet interface?

What is the network planning tool you recommend to deploy SAF products?

We have tested 313 Mbps link, but result is much lower than 313Mbps. What is the reason?

Frequencies related

Why the price on the equipment for licensed frequency bands is higher than on the equipment for unlicensed frequency bands?

What is the difference between unlicensed and licensed frequency bands?

Ordering & Delivery

What are the ways of products delivery, incoterms (regarding SAF)?

Is it possible to arrange SOR order?

Does SAF sell its products by installments?

Is it possible to arrange delivery of SAF products to a specified destination?

Is it possible to arrange SAF presentations locally?

Product specifications

Do SAF radio links have limitations regarding height over sea level?

How is it possible to upgrade CFIP/CFQ/CFM link capacity?

What is the difference between FODU and ODU?

Where should lightning arrestors be installed? Are lightning arrestors obligatory?

Is SAF equipment compatible with the equipment from third-party vendors?

What accessories are required for the link apart from antenna and ODU-IDU/FODU?

What is the maximum link distance with SAF equipment?

What is the maximum link capacity with SAF equipment?

Link Planning/ Antennas

Network Management System

Spectrum Compact

Integra-G, Integra-GS

Integra-W, Integra-WS

CFIP Lumina

CFIP PhoeniX series

CFIP-106/108 FODU

SAF FreeMile 17/24

SAF FreeMile 5 GE

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