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Spectrum Compact

Spectrum Analyzer

The world’s first powerful handheld microwave spectrum analyzer.

Spectrum Compact is an ultra-light and easy to use measurement solution for the 2 - 40 GHz licensed microwave frequency bands. This battery-powered device is a must-have tool for any microwave radio engineer performing equipment installation, link troubleshooting and site planning. The LCD touchscreen ensures smooth and intuitive onsite use, and the SMA connector* allows the Spectrum Compact to integrate with any vendor’s antenna or waveguide system.

Designed specifically for comfortable outdoor use by microwave network engineers, Spectrum Compact can also be used for various applications in VSAT environment, ranging from signal monitoring to link troubleshooting and interference detection.

The Spectrum Compact can be used for high precision detection of existing interference on installed paths or available radio channels. Data logging of all spectrum scans is available with the Spectrum Compact device, and enhanced data processing and analysis are provided by SAF Tehnika designed PC software for your laptop.

Highlights and Benefits

Ultra-compact form factor

Not much larger than a modern smartphone, it is designed specifically for comfortable outdoor use in a variety of challenging environments.

Leading Sensitivity

Industry leading -105 dBm receiver sensitivity in all frequency range allows you to discover even weakest signals.

Compatible with different antenna systems

Can be used with any manufacturers antenna and radio system.

Resistive LCD Touchscreen

Resistive LCD touchscreen allows to leave your gloves on while operating the unit. Intuitive UI makes it easy to control the unit.

Stand-alone functionality

No laptop or other equipment is required for on-site use.

Free PC software

Upload, save, compare, analyze and print your saved spectrum scans using free PC software.




Spectrum Compact Emulator

We spent a lot of effort to make the Spectrum Compact a quick and easy-to-use tool. Want to try it out now? Take the Spectrum Compact for a test drive with our new online emulator.

Launch emulator

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Product application videos

Line of sight verification using SG Compact
Watch this tutorial to learn all the information about line of sight verification using SG Compact. In it you can find the basics of line of sight, step by step guide of how to detect it and what tools you will need to get the job done. Whether you have many years of experience in this industry or you are completely new to it - this guide can help you get the answers that you have been looking for.
Adventures of Spectrum Compact Ep.1 Battle for Connectivity
A short animation about the Spectrum Copact's adventures. Dr.Interference tries to destroy City's wireless network by disaligning the antennas, but the Engineer teams up with little Spectrum Compact Superhero to prevent the disaster! For more information about Spectrum Compact and its superpowers, visit
Microwave radio link troubleshooting with Spectrum Compact
This video tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to verify whether the antenna is transmitting from the ground level, and how to adjust the antenna to the main lobe – with all those actions taking less than half an hour of work. SAF Spectrum Compact is a perfect tool for microwave field engineers. It is small, light and easy to use for a single person working on ground as well as when climbing on towers. Many tasks that previously took many hours of at least a few people’s work, can now be done by a single person in a significantly smaller amount of time.
Ep.4 - Bandwidth and Freqency Verification From Ground Level
Radio frequency and bandwidth verification from ground level has been a frequent wish among microwave engineers. But the market didn't really offer an affordable solution... until now! With SAF Spectrum Compact it takes only a few minutes to make sure your microwave link perfectly matches your licence. Watch the fourth episode of the Spectrum Compact animated video tutorial, which is all about making your life easier.
Spectrum Compact Animated Tutorials Ep.3 (Detection of out-of-band interference)
Wouldn't it be great if you could detect the out-of-band interferences without interrupting the traffic of your microwave link? Well, there's defenitely one great way to do it by using SAF Spectrum Compact! Watch the video to learn how!
Spectrum Compact Animated Tutorials Ep.2 (Status verification from ground level)
Need to verify whether a radio is working but don’t want to climb that tower? With SAF Spectrum Compact you don't have to! Our device lets you verify the installed radio's status and transmitted signal from ground level.
Spectrum Compact Animated Tutorials Ep.1 (Antenna Polarization)
This is the first episode in the series of tutorials intended to explain the vast functionality of the world's first hand-held spectrum analyzer - SAF Spectrum Compact. In this episode Peter Spectrum shows how to easily verify the polarization of an installed microwave antenna from ground level.
SAF Spectrum Compact video
Correct antenna alignment
Radio verification

Examples of the signal visual representation

InteferenceMultipathPower in band
Spectrum scanTx damagedReference mask

Key Characteristics


Frequency bands 2.4/2.5/3.6/4.9/5/6/7/8 GHz 6/7/8/10/11 GHz 10/11/13/15/17 GHz 17/18/23/24 GHz 24/26/30/32/38 GHz
Frequency range 2.000 - 8.000
5.925 - 12.000 GHz 10.000 - 18.000 GHz 17.000 - 24.300 GHz 24.000 - 40.000
Input power range  -105 dBm to -40 dBm -100 dBm to -40 dBm
Max input power  0 dBm 0 dBm
RBW (Resolution bandwidth)  1 MHz 1 MHz
Span  100 MHz
to full bandwidth
100 MHz
to full bandwidth
Sweep speed  0.5s @ 100MHz Span 0.5s @ 100MHz Span
Guaranteed accuracy  +/- 3dB +/- 3dB
Input  50 ohm SMA (f) 50 ohm 2.92 mm (f)
Interface  mini USB 2.0 (1.1) mini USB 2.0 (1.1)
LED indication  when charging when charging
Battery  2380 mAh
Polymer Lithium-ion
2 x 2380 mAh
Polymer Lithium-ion
Battery life  up to 4h up to 3h
Operating temperature  -15°C to +55°C/
5°F to 131°F
-15°C to +55°C/
5°F to 131°F
Dimensions  128x81x24 mm/
5.04x3.2x0.94 inch
130x81x28 mm/
5.11x3.2x1.1 inch
Weight  0.3 kg / 10.6 oz 0.4 kg / 14.11 oz


Case Studies






Product Brochures

Spectrum Compact Series

Spectrum Compact Series Brochure

1.7 MB
Spectrum Compact leaflet

SAF Spectrum Compact leaflet (English)

SpectrumCompact_leaflet (20).pdf
0.9 MB
Spectrum Compact and SG Compact Applications leaflet ENG SC_applications-combo_2.pdf 0.9 MB
SpectrumCompact_leaflet_for_regulators_ENG SpectrumCompact_for_regulators_ENG.pdf 0.6 MB
SpectrumCompactApplications_leaflet_PT 09062014_SC_applications_PT.pdf 1.1 MB
SpectrumCompact_leaflet_PT 20140930_SpectrumCompact_PT_leaflet.pdf 1 MB

SpectrumCompact_leaflet Russian

SpectrumCompact_leaflet_ru (11).pdf
0.9 MB
CompanyAndProductOverview_leaflet_ENG overview (13).pdf 0.7 MB

Product presentations




Visio Stencils



Leather bag

Waveguide adapters

Protective cases

Conical horn antennas

Attenuator kit, 60 dB

Antenna set in case

Riflescope and tripod

Flange Guide

Spectrum Compact 2-8 GHz kit


Waveguide adapter UBR84 to SMA, 6.6-10 GHz, WR112

Spectrum Compact 6-12 GHz kit


Waveguide adapter UBR84 to SMA, 6.6-10 GHz, WR112


Waveguide adapter UBR100 to SMA, 8.2-12 GHz, WR90

Spectrum Compact 10-18 GHz kit


Waveguide adapter UBR100 to SMA, 8.2-12 GHz, WR90


Waveguide adapter UBR140 to SMA, 12-17 GHz, WR62

Spectrum Compact 17-24 GHz kit


Waveguide adapter UBR220 to SMA, 17-24.3 GHz, WR42

Spectrum Compact 24-40 GHz kit


Waveguide adapter UBR260 to 2.92, 22-33 GHz, WR34


Waveguide adapter UBR320 to 2.92, 26-40 GHz, WR28

Additional adapters


Waveguide adapter UDR70 to SMA, 5.38-8.2 GHz, WR137


Waveguide adapter UBR120 to SMA, 10-15 GHz, WR75


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