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Low Latency Microwave solutions

SAF is among the leading vendors of point-to-point microwave radio equipment with global presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. And in addition to carrier-class hardware, we offer a full range of high-frequency-trading customized microwave solutions incorporating such complementary services as site planning, performance calculations, link deployment, monitoring & maintenance, troubleshooting, hardware & software optimization, as well as upgrade plans.

More than 15 years of experience backed by lightning fast, reliable transmission technology enables us to design and carry out large scale ultra-low latency paths outreaching 100 km of single link distances and providing outstanding project implementation supervision and technical assistance.

SAF Low Latency Case Study

SAF Tehnika’s product portfolio encapsulates carrier-grade high-end equipment ensuring industry leading latency, reliability & durability parameters and custom-tailored services for every individual case. When every microsecond matters, both optimal equipment choice and professional integration services are crucial. By offering the best low-latency products and solutions, SAF Tehnika helps the financial community reduce latency in mission-critical networks facilitating transmission of stock trading information. The use of SAF IF repeater units between fully regenerating LL terminals allows to significantly extend distances without increasing latency. One of the company’s latest projects - a connection between London and Frankfurt stock exchanges – is an excellent example of SAF technology and skills in action.


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