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Broadcasting solutions

SAF Tehnika has several great products and solutions for broadcasting industry. Our radios are fulfilling various roles in broadcasting networks, as (but not limited to):
- STL links for both radio and TV broadcasters;
- Backhauling of both radio and TV streams between TV / radio transmitter towers;
- Feeder links for temporary installations, servicing sporting and cultural events, music festivals, etc.

The flagship Phoenix C system is specifically well tailored for broadcasting due to its support of ASI interface and capability to participate in synchronization of the network. (for example in single frequency DVBT networks).

Both Phoenix C and other SAF radios are providing various flavours of Ethernet and TDM interfaces, which are widely used within broadcasting networks.

Our products offer fibre-like reliability, low latency, ease of deployment and other features that are appreciated by many of SAF’s customers from the broadcasting sector.



SAF_CaseStudy_George Zimmerman_broadcasting_USA.pdf



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